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Seiso Shine - Reminder Labeling

Dirty workplaces are unproductive. 5s Seiso, or shine, is an effort to make workplaces clean and effective. Remind workers to keep an area clean through labeling!

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Seiton Setting In Order - Organizational Labeling

Seiton is about setting things in order. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Labeling helps everyone in a plant know where things belong.

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Seiri Sort - Red Tag Labeling

Red tag labeling is part of the Seiri, or sorting phase of 5s. Use red tag labeling to help eliminate items that are not essential.

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Labeling For 5s Programs

What does labeling have to do with 5s? Labeling is an important aspect to effective 5s programs.

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Seiton Set In Order - Organizing Phase

What is the second step in 5s? Seiton, or set-in-order. In this phase of 5s, you learn how to label everything and have everything in its place.

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Seiri Sort - Sorting Phase

Seiri, also known as the sorting phase, is the first S in the 5S organizational system. How important is this phase? Doing this portion effectively can help get your 5s off to a great start.

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Seiso Shine - Cleaning Phase

A clean workplace is a safe and effective workplace. 5s Seiso, or cleaning phase, is the part of 5s where you learn how to clean during and after production, so that you have a continuously clean work environment.

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Seiketsu Standardize - Standardizing Phase

Labeling can help you standardize in the Seiketsu phase of 5s. With labels, you'll be able to create a consistent message that everyone in your organization can see.

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Shitsuke Sustain - Sustaining Phase

What good is 5s if you can not sustain the benefits? 5s must be sustained in order for it to be worth your time.

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The 5s System

What is 5s all about? What is the thinking behind it? 5s is about continuous improvement, about always doing better, always moving in the right direction.

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