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Join us in celebrating another anniversary of our commitment to providing high-quality industrial label printing equipment and supplies to a global market! To mark the occasion this year, we're offering significant discounts on our popular Evo6 printer, SafetyPro starter bundles, and our durable non-slip floor tapes. Hurry, these offers are good only while supplies last!

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Arcflash Labeling Kits

Complete packages for arc flash labeling

Arc Flash Packages

Electrical engineers have a demanding job, and one of the demands of the current industry is effective labeling. We help you get the job done right, with vinyl arc flash labels that will last for years, even in the toughest environments. Our complete arc flash packages are designed to give you exactly what you need to get your arc flash analysis done right; And to help you get started quickly, we offer free advanced tech support.

Custom arc flash labels in seconds

We realize that you don't have all day to get your arc flash labeling tasks complete. That's why we've developed a combination of high-speed hardware and supplies, capable of making your labels in seconds. Print directly from SKM, ETAP or EasyPower, without intermediate steps! Once your calculations are complete, the labeling part is easy: just print it and go. No one beats SafetyPro for speed, affordability and quality.

Our new line of UV Protected labels will outlast any outdoor label on the market!

outdoor UV arc flash danger label   arc flash small label   arc flash warning label   yellow arc flash label   close up arc flash label

Multi-color arc flash labels for every application

Our Arc Flash Labeling Kits Include:

  • The SafetyPro 300 Industrial Labeling System
  • Labeling Software Package
  • Universal SKM, ETAP and EasyPower driver included
  • A library of templates and graphics
  • Tough 4mil vinyl arc flash labels (available with orange, red, yellow or green stripe)
  • High-capacity supply rolls, 250 labels per roll
  • Chemical resistant ribbons (ink)
  • Free unlimited tech support
  • UV Protected supply options for long-lasting outdoor labels
There are MANY uses for a SafetyPro industrial labeling kit! These kits are not only designed for arc flash projects. Our printer is used for many other facility applications:
  • Works with SKM, ETAP and EasyPower
  • OSHA safety labeling
  • lean labeling
  • RTK chemical labeling
  • MSDS labeling
  • Rack and bin labeling
  • 5s labeling
  • Red-tag labeling
  • Asset tagging
There is no limit to what you can label- it's up to you! Use these kits for your arc flash projects, then expand to include any other labeling project you have at your facility.
works with ETAP skm easypower
Arc Flash Packages

Works with SKM, ETAP and EasyPower... and more!

Our kit works with, and is often recommended by companies like SKM, ETAP and EasyPower! All three have been tested with and validated for the SafetyPro 300 printer, and are used by thousands of arc flash engineers for label printing in every part of the world! The SafetyPro 300 comes with a universal print driver for SKM, ETAP and EasyPower, so you don't have to worry about compatibility. Need help with an arc flash study? Get arc flash help today.

World class technical assistance, free!

You won't get better technical support anywhere. We can help you through every step of arc flash labeling printing, from loading your printer and setting up your universal SKM, ETAP and EasyPower print driver, all the way through to printing. Tech support is always free with SafetyPro, so you don't have to worry about support contracts or warranty periods; as long as you're our customer, we'll make sure you can get the jobs done right.