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Production 5S and Kaizen Labeling

Continuous improvement ideologies are prevalent in today's production environment. 5S and Kaizen are two systems which use labeling as an integral part of facility productivity. Our labeling systems let you make the most of your 5S or Kaizen program by empowering you to create custom tags, lockouts, inventory labels and markers with ease.

production labeling printer for 5s and kaizen tag barcoding

The SafetyPro fits into any 5S or kaizen labeling program easily. Because SafetyPro supplies are so much more cost-effective than Brady or DuraLabel, the SafetyPro is a common choice for 5S and Kaizen labeling.

labeling supplies for any 5S or Kaizen program, works with DuraLabel

A Large Variety of Supplies

We understand that a continuous improvement program needs multiple colors for labeling. With the SafetyPro, you can choose from nearly 100 different colors for your 5S or Kaizen program. We stock vinyl labeling tag material in the most popular colors, which are easily visible even from a distance.

The power of Kaizen and 5S programs comes in the ongoing nature of the effort. Our labeling printer comes with lifetime tech support, which means that you'll always have help with your labeling projects. At ISS, we are dedicated to continuous improvement just as much as our clients are.

production labeling printer for 5s and kaizen tag barcoding

Barcodes, Tags, Lockouts and More

If your project requires more complex labels, such as labels which include linear, 2D or even 3D barcodes, we can help. Can any other labeling supplier offer you Kaizen and 5S labels with the option for 3D barcodes, right out of the box? Make sure you get the full story before you buy!

We are so confident in our products that we offer free samples for you to compare with any other product out there. You will find that our materials are designed to outperform in visibility, durability and quality.