SafetyPro Evolution 600 Labeler high resolution vinyl printer

SafetyPro Evolution 600, The Ultimate Vinyl Label Printer

Sharp, crisp, detailed labels

The SafetyPro Evolution 600, or Evo6 is the next evolution in vinyl label printing. The Evo6 industrial vinyl label printer includes on-screen diagnostics, even more rapid supply loading, and crisp, clean, high-quality label printing capabilities. High-speed and high-quality, the Evo6 is everything a label printer should be.

SafetyPro Evolution 600 EVO6

The Best Vinyl Label Printer for the Job

The SafetyPro Evolution 600 prints fast, up to 4ips. Create clean, sharp, easy-to-read labels with a high level of detail. You'll be able to create custom, detailed vinyl safety labels instantly.

With USB, Serial, and Ethernet standard, the Evo6 is ready for your office environment. Print labels up to 100" in length (or longer with the cutter off!) in seconds. Label design is easy using the bundled labeling software. Or, print directly from your own software, PDF files, SKM, Etap, Easypower, and many others.

The Evo6 comes with a color LCD status screen, so you can instantly see how your printer is doing. The status screen will let you know if you have a loading error, or if you're out of ribbon.

If you need custom, high-quality vinyl labels, then the SafetyPro Evolution 600 is the ideal printer for you. Contact us today at 877-762-9280 for more information, or order online!

The SafetyPro Evolution 600 will reshape the way you Create detailed labels instantly, on durable vinyl labeling tape. As a leader in innovation, ISS has done it again!

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With SafetyPro Evolution 600, you get:

  • Worry-free printing
  • High quality results
  • Color LCD diagnostic and status screen
  • Site-license for our labeling software is included!
  • Up to 4"/sec print speed (user selectable)
  • Image Library: OSHA and ANSI safety icons
  • Template Library: Blank and pre-made templates
  • Ideal for detailed, high-resolution printing
  • Interface: USB, RS232 and Ethernet Standard
  • Barcodes: Drag-and-Drop barcodes, nothing is easier
  • Economical, UV, scratch and chemical resistant labeling materials
  • Versatile: 1", 2", 3" and 4" rolls, all 150' long
  • Unique: Print up to 150' continous labels, the longest in the industry
  • Edge-to-Edge: Easy and quickly print huge letters in any font, perfect for pipe labels
  • Built-in automatic cutter

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