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4in x 150ft Red Premium Vinyl Labeling Tape

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Popular uses for TS406

5s Labeling

Create labels and signs that help in all parts of the 5s process

These supplies are especially useful for creating 5s Set In Order labels and signs, used to designation placement of tools and equipment. Useful in all portions of the 5s process.

5s Red Tag

Perfect for 5s Red Tag efforts

In the 5s Red Tag process, you mark equipment and supplies that either need to be moved or eliminated. These supplies are ideal for creating durable and instructive custom 5s red tag labels on demand.

Danger Labels

Danger labels should be black on red

Danger labels should use red as a visual indicator. From a distance, you can recognize a danger label by the color, even when you can not read the words. The same is true where there is a language barrier.

Electrical Panels

Ideal electrical panel labels are easy to read and compliant

If you are labeling electrical panels, you should consider electrical code and OSHA and ANSI standards. Choose only labeling supplies that meet these standards. These supplies are ideal for all electrical hazard labeling.

Fire Safety

Red is the primary color when it comes to fire safety

Red is the color to use when labeling for fire safety. Fire extinguisher labels should be white on red. All fire safety related materials should be labeled in red. Fire safety PPE should have red labeling. These supplies are ideal for fire safety.

Lockout Tags

Lockout and tagout should be done with reliable materials

When you are locking out a piece of equipment, you need to be sure your supplies are reliable and easy to understand. These materials provide a reliable identification method for basic lockout and tagout needs.

Pipe Marking

Labeling pipes is an important part of safety and organization

Did you know that one building can have miles of pipes? Labeling these pipes can make safety and maintenance easier to manage. Pipe marking should follow a standard, and should be consistent throughout each facility, and within an entire company. These supplies can help.