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How closely does OSHA inspect during an inspection?

QUESTION: How closely does OSHA inspect during an inspection?

ANSWER: OSHA inspections are comprehensive, with a thorough inspection of all potentially hazardous areas of the worksite. Prior to entering the worksite, OHSA's Compliance Safety and Health Officers will have familiarized themselves with the company records and operations, as well as researching any standards and requirements that may be applicable to that facility. When the Compliance Officers come to the worksite, they are prepared to investigate the facility and determine if the workplace is in compliance with OSHA standards and requirements.

The Compliance Officers arrive fully equipped with any testing equipment that may be needed as well as the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to effectively investigate for hazards. They may be prepared to take photos and videos at the facility, as well as check noise levels and take other instrument readings. They may collect air samples, examine engineering controls, and monitor employee exposure to toxic fumes, dust, or gases. The Compliance Officers may privately interview employees at the worksite and inspect records.

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