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Do we really need to be concerned about OSHA inspecting our small facility?

QUESTION: Our facility only has 22 employees, so do we really need to be concerned about OSHA inspecting our small facility?

ANSWER: In September 2011, OSHA announced a significant change to their programmed inspections program. Under OSHA's Site-Specific Targeting Program, facilities with 20 or more employees are now subject to inspection. Previously, only facilities with 40 or more employees were subject to a programmed inspection under OSHA's Site-Specific Targeting Program. This change means that many more facilities face the possibility of an OSHA inspection occurring at their worksite.

The Site-Specific Targeting Program (SST) is OSHA's primary programmed inspection program for non-construction worksites with 20 or more employees. Programmed inspections are also conducted as a part of OSHA's National and Regional Emphasis programs, which target industries with high-risk hazards by focusing on particular health or safety hazards in a specific industry.

In addition to the thousands of planned or 'programmed' inspections OSHA conducts each year, there are many unscheduled or 'unprogrammed' inspections as well. Unprogrammed inspections may occur at any worksite at any time, no matter how many employees there may be, if there are imminent danger situations, fatalities, multiple injury catastrophes, employee complaints, hazard abatements to follow up on, or referrals from concerned parties.

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