Standards-Based Testing

Test Descr. Test Standard
Caliper ISO 534,ISO 11833-2:1998
Caliper w/adhesive ISO 534,ISO 11833-2:1998
Gloss ISO 2813
Dimensional Stability DIN 38464,30646
Elongation DIN 53455, ISO EN 527
Tensile Strength DIN 53455, ISO EN 527
Adhesion ASTM 1000
Reflectivity ASTMD 4956-99
Retro-Reflectivity ASTM E810

Additional Testing

Test Test Descr.
Shelf Life QCV in-house and at manf.
Operating Temp QCV at manf. and dist.
Chemical Resistance Tested at eng., manf., and in-house
Petroleum Resistance Tested at eng., manf., and in-house
Durability QVC at manf. and in-house
Humidity QVC at eng. and manf.
Corrosion QVC at manf. and in-house
Water QVC at manf. and in-house
Solvent Tested at eng., manf., and in-house
Abrasion Tested at eng., manf., and in-house

SafetyPro Product Validation & Testing Standards

ISS is committed to providing the best vinyl labeling supplies available. We source the highest quality materials from top chemical manufacturing facilities around the globe, combining the best research and engineering to produce a product that will perform to exceed customer expectations. To maintain this level of quality, we focus on:

Pre-development engineering

Before the engineers even begin formulating the complex polymers that make up our SafetyPro vinyl, they go through a rigorous pre-development analysis and determiniation phase. This phase helps them determine specific material outcome goals such as durability, life, and application. This phase is an important step in ensuring the right goals are met when the final product is developed.

Manufacturing process controls and QC

The vinyl manufacturing process is highly controlled for maximum quality, and minimum environmental impact. Governing standards and regulatory bodies such as the EPA and OSHA help outline procedures and processes to increase safety and quality. The facilities that manufacture our raw vinyl materials are ISO certified, and conform with strict quality control guidelines. These suppliers guarantee consistent, quality output with every inch of vinyl they produce.

Post-manufacturing testing and validation

Before our vinyl is processed for the end-customer, it is tested and validated for quality and performance. The raw material is fed through a direct line-of-sight spooling aparatus, which is operated by a trained live technician. Any possible inconsistencies are visible to the technician as the material is processed. This attention to detail ensures a quality product with every roll of SafetyPro vinyl labeling stock.

Independant and standards based testing

Our materials are subjected to a variety of ISO, ASTM and DIN level standardized quality assurance tests. These tests are recognized internationally and demand a strict testing procedure to ensure test integrity. Because we are committed to providing only the best materials available, we only work with raw materials which have gone through these rigorous ISO, ASTM and DIN tests prior to shipment. This ensures a quailty product that has not only been tested and certified by our in-house engineers, but one that has gone through international standards testing be a non-biased 3rd party.

Post-consumer in-house validation & testing

ISS frequently opens and tests fully packaged end-user product to ensure that quality standards and integrity have been maintained. Test samples are produced using actual SafetyPro printers, and testing is performed on completed labels. These completed labels are tested for environmental and weather-condition durability, as well as scratch resistance, chemical resistance, and petroleum resistance. ISS even offers specific independant tests per customer request, before purchase, to ensure our product will meet the customers needs. And if all else failes, ISS offers the best warranty in the industry, even covering the labels you create.

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