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Common SafetyPro Questions

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Question: When installing the driver, the add hardware wizard gives me an error similar to: "Cannot copy files to the specified location. Permission denied."

This is a rare error, which is caused by administrative lock-down of the Windows or System32 folders. Contact your IT administrator and inform them that you require access to these folders to install the driver.

Question: RED LIGHT ERROR: After I print a label, extra material is fed and a blinking red-light comes on. I can not print another label until I turn the power off and back on again.

These errors are caused by a simple driver setting known as the Gap Sensor Setting. If the Gap Sensor is on but continuous material is loaded, the printer will feed material out searching for a gap, and not finding one, it will turn on the error light. To fix the error, first power off your machine for 5 seconds and power it back on. Locate your windows printer driver, right-click and select Printing Preferences. On the Stock tab, locate the media type. Set it to Continuous if you're using continuous roll vinyl (where the labels are not pre-cut with a gap between each one.)

Question: My cutter is not operating after I print a label.

You may need to turn your cutter on in the driver. Locate your windows printer driver, right-click and choose Printing Preferences. Go to the Stock tab (in the old driver it is the Advanced Setup tab) and change your Post-Print Action to Cut, and Occurrence to After Every Page. Your printer will now cut after every label.

Question: My RTK label creator software is installed and working, but fails with an error every time I try to print.

There is a bug in some older versions of RTK label creator that may cause a program failure if you have a large number of printers installed on your system. The latest version of RTK label creator resolves the issue. Contact ISS for a free upgrade to the latest version.

Question: I moved my printer to a new computer, then back again, but now it is not working on the old computer. What happened?

This issue is with old versions of our SafetyPro driver. We recommend that you upgrade your driver to resolve the issue. If that is not possible, the original resolution is listed below:

The SafetyPro driver is designed to allow for more than one label printer on a single computer, and is Port Sensitive. When moving the SafetyPro between computers, take note of the USB port that it is connected to. If you always plug the printer into the same USB port, it should work properly each time. If you plug it into a new USB port, you may have to install another instance of the driver.

Question: When installing the driver, I get a File Not Found error.

In some cases, you will have to point the Hardware Wizard manually to the file location where your drivers are stored, usually on your CDROM under SafetyPro drivers folder. If you get a File Not Found error, simply click OK and then Browse once again to the same folder. Your installation should finish normally.

Question: My Evo3 or Evo6 is giving a "Paper Jam" error when I try to print, but everything is loaded fine. What is wrong?

The paper jam error on the Evo3 or Evo6 printers usually results from incorrect driver settings which make the printer expect a certain type of label material (labels with gaps). If you're getting a paper jam error when you try to print a label, but the printer is loaded properly, make sure that your driver settings match your loaded supplies, as per the manual. If you are set to Gap labels but are using continuous materials, you will encounter this error.