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DuraLabel 7000 website
DuraLabel 7000 website
DL7000 is Tharo H-626
Tharo H-626

DuraLabel 7000 Information

The DuraLabel 7000 is a 6" wide label printer from the makers of Duralabel. The hardware is a rebranded Tharo H-626. Because the 6" print width range is already covered by printers such as the SafetyPro 9G, which can also run through labels and signs larger than 8", the DuraLabel 7000 likely has minimal market share.

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Some DL7000 Specs
  • Only 203 DPI
  • Max print width 6.61"
  • Weight: 36.8 lbs
  • Not ROHS compliant

This printer is an oddity in the industry. It prints only up to 6.6" wide, yet the SafetyPro series printers offer 4" and 8" max print widths, which cover the 6" print range. You can get a SafetyPro 9G package deal for far less than you'd pay for a similar bundle from DuraLabel!

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