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Arc Flash Causes Power Outage

It is easy to understand the human health risks of arc flash events. The extreme injury and death that can result from an arc flash can be staggering. But what about operational costs? Arc flash events can cause major disruptions in business. The article linked at the bottom of this page talks about a recent event that shut down an international airport.

Imagine the secondary business and marketing costs associated with this arc flash event. Though it is not as critically important as electrical worker safety, customer satisfaction is worth protecting. Companies cannot afford to let arc flash events lead to downtime and lost revenue.

We encourage all of our customers to read and understand the implications of inadequate arc flash hazard communication. Arc flash labeling is about avoiding arc flash events. Protecting human life is the primary concern. Protecting valuabale assets, including time and customer satisfaction, is also important.

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Source: arcflashidentification.com
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