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Changes to ANSI z535 in 2011

What changes were made to labeling standards in ANSI z535 recently? Find out more from ISS, your labeling experts.

The goal of the ANSI Z535 series of standards is to provide a clear, written set of standards for communicating safety information through a nationally uniform visual system. The ANSI Z535 standards are a 'family' of six consensus standards defining best practices for safety colors, symbols, signs, labels, and tags, and product manual safety information. These standards were developed following ANSI's requirements for an open and fair process.

Every five years ANSI Z535 goes through a revision or reaffirmation process allowing for direct input addressing the need for changes to the standards to keep up with current best practices and technologies. The most recent revision of ANSI Z535 was published in September 2011.

The changes found in the ANSI Z535 2011 revision help to ensure worker safety for those who install, use, service, maintain and inspect manufacturing machinery. Understanding of the current changes is needed so that updates to existing labels can be done correctly. ANSI Z535-2011 represents the industry's most current best practices. Adopting best practices helps prevent accidents, injuries, death, and costly liability litigation based on 'inadequate warning'.

One of the changes made in the ANSI Z535-2011 revision was to more clearly define that the primary goal of ANSI Z535 is the communication of safety information for the purpose of preventing injury or death of people, rather than for the purpose of protecting property. The 2011 edition provides a clear distinction between how to warn about hazards that can kill or injure people, and how to warn about hazards that may result in property damage. The definitions for 'accident', 'harm' and 'incident' were changed to better reflect the purpose and intent of the standards.

Under ANSI Z535-2011, the safety symbols are more clearly described, with a design method that more closely aligns with ISO standards, which helps manufacturers of export products to communicate appropriate safety messages to international users. 2011 brought a new safety label category: the "Safety Instruction" label, which is addressed under ANSI Z535.4. 2011 updates for the ANSI Z535 Color Chart corrects the ink specifications for safety colors.

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