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SafetyPro Ranger, ready to print out of the box!

Need a label printer that works right out of the box, with no setup required, and no network required? The SafetyPro Ranger is the bundle for you!

If you want hassle-free labeling, then the SafetyPro Ranger is the one for you! With maximum portability, compatibility, and ease of use, the SafetyPro Ranger comes ready to print, right out of the box. The SafetyPro Ranger is a powerful printer and tablet combination that gives you the power to create labels on the go. Gather your data in the field or plant, then print your custom labels with ease using the SafetyPro Ranger.

With hassle-free setup, the SafetyPro Ranger comes pre-configured and network-independent, so a network is not required. If you have a network, the SafetyPro Ranger is easily connected with WIFI, or put the printer on the network and print from your other PC's. It's easy to do because a site license for FacilityWare is included with the SafetyPro Ranger!

The SafetyPro Ranger goes anywhere! No more carrying around a large heavy printer just to go out and gather data. The SafetyPro Ranger disconnects, so that you don't have to! With the SafetyPro Ranger, just take the powerful tablet computer component into the field or plant and gather your data. And it's your choice whether to use SafetyPro Ranger's included database and spreadsheet to gather information, or install your company-specific software. The full powered tablet of the SafetyPro Ranger gives you the ability to run ANY of your existing software, such as SKM, Etap, or any other software you may need.

With the SafetyPro Ranger, labeling is easy and efficient. SafetyPro Ranger's hassle-free set up makes it easy and ready to print, right out of the box!

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