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Mold Issues And HVAC System Maintenance

Mold is the HVAC engineers dread. Mold is a number one cause of health concerns, and is something that HVAC can help control.

Mold can cause serious health concerns so mold prevention should be an important part of every facility maintenance program. HVAC systems reduce indoor humidity and control moisture which helps to control mold. However, HVAC components and piping systems are common contributors to the growth and transportation of mold in industrial facilities.

Proper maintenance of HVAC systems is important in the effort to prevent mold related issues in your facility. HVAC system components to check during regularly scheduled maintenance include: coils and drain pans where standing water may accumulate, humidification and dehumidification equipment, outdoor air dampers, air filters, return air plenum, cooling towers, and duct work.

The proper maintenance of HVAC systems in your facility is essential for controlling indoor mold. Important measures to prevent mold include minimizing the buildup of dirt and dust, cleaning coils, drip pans and filters, repairing leaks, promptly cleaning up water damage, and keeping spaces and equipment clean and dry.

Mold remediation in HVAC systems or in industrial facilities can be expensive and time consuming. Understanding HVAC components and the conditions that support mold growth will help to prevent mold issues. Preventing mold through proactive maintenance programs is a cost effective plan

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