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Sustainable Building

Earth friendly building practices are not new, but there are lots of new regulations to be aware of when it comes to going green.

Sustainable or 'green' building is about protecting health and the environment throughout the building life cycle from site selection, design and construction, to operation, maintenance and ultimately deconstruction. The life-cycle assessment of a building is done to measure the environmental effects of a building from its beginning to its end, including its disposal.

Sustainable building is also about being resource efficient regarding how the building uses resources such as energy, water and materials. Reducing pollution, waste, and other effects on the environment are additional goals of sustainable building.

Building green may include using sustainable materials, such as renewable resources or recycled products in construction, and minimizing pollutants, such as reducing emissions, to improve indoor air quality. Using renewable energy, decreasing water usage, reducing waste, reduction of toxins, and storm water management are additional components of sustainable building. Xeriscaping with native plants preserves natural resources and reduces water usage.

Using effective strategies to build 'green' can have environmental benefits such as conserving energy and water resources as well as economic benefits. Green buildings may have higher initial costs but often save money over the life of the building due to lower operating cost.

Using efficient approaches to green building can lower costs. Buildings that are designed to be energy efficient may be able to downsize their HVAC systems which lead to increased savings. Many sustainable products cost the same or less than conventional products. Green building is not just for new construction. When existing buildings are updated, sustainable practices can be made a part of the remodeling process.

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