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HVAC Component Labeling

Can you quickly identify the parts of any HVAC system? How much quicker would it be if everything were labeled? Now, imagine you are not an HVAC specialist, and you will see that labeling is critical.

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems consist of numerous components, many of which may need to be properly labeled. Labeling HVAC components is an inexpensive and effective method to facilitate maintenance and operations. The following are examples of components that should be labeled appropriately for each zone in your facility:

  • The outdoor air, supply air, return air, exhaust air, relief air.
  • Access doors for the air filters
  • Filter pressure gauge and the recommended filter change pressure.
  • Pertinent access doors
  • Outdoor air damper with marks noting when damper
  • is fully closed, fully open and minimum designed position
  • Access door to outdoor air controls
  • Breakers for exhaust fans, air handling unit, unit ventilators
  • Access doors for inspection and maintenance of air ducts
  • Any dampers and controls for airside economizers.

HVAC marking labels are an important part of all environmental comfort systems. HVAC pipes are used for the flow of hot or cold water. ANSI standards require that all HVAC pipe labels be color coded, have language explaining pipe use, and identify the name of the contents flowing through the pipes. The labeling must also include arrows that show the direction of the flow of the contents of the pipe. Labels should be easy to read and made of long lasting, durable products. HVAC labeling is an inexpensive yet effective method to help workers the proper operation and maintenance of HVAC systems.

To meet ANSI labeling requirements on the HVAC piping systems in your facilities use SafetyPro, your HVAC labeling solution. HVAC labeling is easy and efficient with SafetyPro printers and labels. Industrial Safety Solutions focuses on the industrial labeling systems and supplies that you want, need and use, for much less than you'd expect.

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