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Shitsuke Sustain - Continuous Improvement Labeling

5s only makes sense if you plan on sustaining the improvements through continued effort.

Waste has been removed, the workplace has been organized and cleaned, new standards have been created, and visual cues through appropriate labeling and signage have been implemented. Though all wonderful achievements, the benefits of sorting, organizing, cleaning, and creating standards and visual cues won't last long without "sustaining the discipline", the 5th phase in the 5s methodology.

To "sustain" all of the steps in the 5s program requires continuing to implement and review procedures on a regular ongoing basis. Sustaining the steps in the 5s program will help your facility to remain uncluttered and free of waste, and will help to maintain organization and cleanliness. Sustaining 5s will also sustain the benefits associated with 5s efforts including greater efficiency, fewer accidents, reduced costs, and increased productivity.

Sustaining 5s efforts can be challenging. Change does not come easy. There is a tendency to revert back to old habits unless there is commitment and discipline in sustaining the new ways and processes. But 5S is a cyclical methodology, a "continuous improvement" program, so the "sustain phase" is also about sustaining a continuous cycle of new ways, new ideas, and new procedures.

The power in the 5s program comes in the ongoing nature of the efforts for continuous improvement. At Industrial Safety Solutions, we are also dedicated to continuous improvement and we are focusing on helping you incorporate effective labeling into your 5s programs. Workplaces benefit from having easy access to label printing systems to meet their 5s labeling needs. When employees have the ability to print visual labels on demand they can quickly create the custom labels they want with the information they need for an effective 5s program.

5s visual awareness labeling is an effective tool for educating employees and maintaining and sustaining all the 5s phases. When employees are accurately informed, they are more successful in their efforts to sustain their 5s program. More and more companies are coming to appreciate the value of visual identification to sustain positive change.

The SafetyPro industrial label printer and supplies fit into any 5S labeling program easily. SafetyPro is a common choice for 5S labeling because SafetyPro supplies are more cost-effective than either Brady or DuraLabel. The SafetyPro printer can create customized 5S labels or tags for effective 5s labeling. This means no waiting for catalog labels. Create exactly the label that you need, when you need it. Then you simply peel-and-stick the 5S label for instant work-flow optimization. A "continuous improvement" program benefits from multiple colors for labeling. With the SafetyPro, you can choose from nearly 100 different colors. SafetyPro is your 5s labeling solution!

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