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Seiketsu Standardize - Visual Awareness Labeling

Visual awareness is critical to the standardization process. Through 5s labeling, you can keep everyone on the same track.

Any organizational system that does not have established standards will eventually lose effectiveness. Consistency is key to success. In the fourth phase of the 5s program the development of standardized practices and procedures creates consistency in the way procedures and tasks are done, leading to greater efficiency, fewer accidents, less waste, lower costs, increased productivity, and better quality. Standardization maintains the sorting, organizing and cleaning phases of the 5s program so that efficiency can become the standard in your facility.

Standards are certainly the backbone of successful 5s programs. After much effort has gone into developing standards for the workplace it is important to make those standards visible through effective labeling and signage. 5s labeling has many applications in the "standardization phase". Equipment labeling reminders, flow pattern charts, and procedures identifying "best practices" can be posted in work areas on easy to read laminated signs. Signs, labels, tags, and other visual reminders can inform employees about occupational hazards and proper response procedures in emergencies. Effective visual identification of hazardous materials and waste, industrial pipe marking, arc flash labeling and other industrial labeling provides increased understanding about the workplace environment.

Visual cues in the workplace raise awareness and increase understanding of the appropriate standardized procedures and methods, resulting in increased worker compliance. Greater understanding helps employees perform their tasks more effectively with greater efficiency and increased safety. When you need to increase visual awareness in your facility, Industrial Safety Solutions is ready to help. Use the SafetyPro printer and supplies for all your labeling tasks, including 5s labeling, arc flash labeling, OSHA labeling, hazard labeling, pipe marking and more. It truly is the most versatile printer on the market. SafetyPro is your 5s labeling solution!

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