Arc Flash Peak Performance Kit

Arc Flash Peak Performance Kit

The SafetyPro Arc Flash Peak Performance Kit is a great way to get your entire project done right. If you need arc flash labels that will be exposed to long periods of direct sunlight, then the Peak Performance option is your best choice for longer label life.

Compatible with SKM, Etap, and More

The SafetyPro is one of the most compatible label printers out there. With a universal driver, SafetyPro integrates with Etap, SKM, EasyPower, and others. Plus, most larger software packages have SafetyPro compatible templates built in!

Handle any Arc Flash Labeling application

Arc Flash Labeling

Your Package Will Include:

  • The SafetyPro Industrial Label Printer
  • FacilityWare Labeling Software Package
  • Universal Driver for Etap, SKM, Easypower, PDF, and more
  • 4 rolls of 4" Peak Performance Arc flash labels with orange stripe, 280+/roll
  • 4 rolls of 4" Peak Performance Arc flash labels with red stripe, 280+/roll
  • 1 roll of 4" Peak Performance Arc flash labels with yellow stripe, 280+/roll
  • 1 roll of 4" Peak Performance Arc flash labels with green stripe, 280+/roll
  • 2 rolls of 4" x 984' Full-Resin Ink/Ribbon, Black
  • All SafetyPro supplies are chemical, UV, and scratch resistant
  • Customize your package exactly how you want it. Choose any combination of colors and styles, for the exact label stock inventory you need. Just enter your customizations at checkout in the order notes.

Order today and save!

What are you waiting for? The Arc Flash Peak Performance Kit has everything you need to get started with Arc Flash Labeling. Order now and save!

Need to customize this kit? You can, at no additional cost! Just call us at 877-762-9280 before or after you order.

Only $1,999.00!

Print Custom Outdoor Arc Flash Labels

Ge more of the long-life supplies you need! With this kit, you'll get the power of the SafetyPro printer and software suite, with the added bonus of longer-lasting outdoor labels. Ideal for areas with additional exposure, where label life is critical.

Works with Etap, SKM, EasyPower

Our label printers, software, and supplies, are compatible and easy to use with all major arc flash software on the market, including Etap, SKM, and EasyPower. The SafetyPro's universal print driver lets you create the label template you need, or use the compatible built-in templates in FacilityWare, SKM, and others!

One kit, many uses

There are MANY uses for the Arc Flash Peak Performance Kit This kit is not only designed for Arc Flash Labeling Our printer is used for many other applications:

  • Arc Flash Labeling
  • Compatible with all major arc flash software:
  • ETAP Label Printer
  • SKM Label Printer
  • Easypower Label Printer
  • Arc Flash Labeler
  • Custom Arc Flash
  • Electrical Labeling
  • Panel Labeling
  • Safety Labeling.

There is no limit to what you can label- it's up to you! Use this kit for your Arc Flash Labeling projects, then expand its use to include any other labeling project you have at your facility.


Order your Arc Flash Peak Performance Kit today! Call us toll-free at 877-762-9280 with any questions. We'll help answer them and take your order over the phone!

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