5s+Safety labeling kit

5s+Safety, Beyond 5s

When you consider 5s with a focus on improving safety, you're moving beyond cold, hard efficiency improvement. You're considering the long-term benefit of a safe workplace, which will improve productivity and morale exponentially. SafetyPro can help make it happen.

Safety Label Printer

The SafetyPro is the ideal workplace safety label printer. Use it for your 5s project, then continue to use it for OSHA compliance, ANSI label printing, chemical labeling, and more! There is no limit to what the SafetyPro can do for your workplace.

Handle any 5s Labeling application

5s Labeling

Your Package Will Include:

  • The SafetyPro Industrial Label Printer
  • FacilityWare Labeling Software Package
  • Over 4500 templates and graphics
  • Additional software and templates for RTK, pipe labeling, arc flash, and more
  • 4 rolls of 2" x 150' premium vinyl, white or you choose the colors
  • 4 rolls of 4" x 150' premium vinyl, white or you choose the colors
  • 1 roll of 4" x 984' Full-Resin Ink/Ribbon, Black
  • All SafetyPro supplies are chemical, UV, and scratch resistant
  • Customize for Free! You can customize the vinyl and ribbon colors FREE

Order today and save!

What are you waiting for? The 5s+Safety labeling kit has everything you need to get started with 5s Labeling. Order now and save!

Need to customize this kit? You can, at no additional cost! Just call us at 877-762-9280 before or after you order.

Only $1,499.00!

Get 5s plus Safety!

Don't settle for 5s improvements alone, get increased safety along with your 5s project. The benefits of a safe work environment are numerous, and SafetyPro can help make then real. Improve safety, improve compliance, and get your 5s labeling project knocked out with a complete SafetyPro 5s+Safety kit from Industrial Safety Solutions.

One kit, many uses

There are MANY uses for the 5s+Safety labeling kit This kit is not only designed for 5s Labeling Our printer is used for many other applications:

  • 5s Labeling
  • 5s safety labeling
  • OSHA labeling
  • safety labeling
  • workplace safety
  • danger labeling
  • warning labeling
  • caution labeling
  • 5s tagging

There is no limit to what you can label- it's up to you! Use this kit for your 5s Labeling projects, then expand its use to include any other labeling project you have at your facility.


Order your 5s+Safety labeling kit today! Call us toll-free at 877-762-9280 with any questions. We'll help answer them and take your order over the phone!

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